Avvio integrates with HotelPartner to raise RevPAR for hoteliers

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Avvio integrates with HotelPartner to raise RevPAR for hoteliers

Avvio has linked up with HotelPartner Yield Management to help accommodation providers working with us to stay savvy about their rate strategy.

With the new HotelPartner Yield Management integration, our partners can better optimise their rate strategies based on the expert industry insight, analytics and information HotelPartner gathers on a regular basis.

HotelPartner is enabled on the full online travel agency (OTA) specification and as such, has access to inventory, pricing and restrictions. The two-way Avvio – HotelPartner integration means that our hotels can keep constant tabs on the prices and rates at which their rooms are being offered on OTAs. The property can then alter the rates on their own website accordingly to ensure they gain the highest possible revenue per room (RevPAR), whilst still offering the lowest rates on the market, to encourage direct bookings. Reservation information is meanwhile pushed back to HotelPartner for reporting and analytics.

Hoteliers can also use the data and information provided by the HotelPartner Yield Management integration to assess the rates their competition is offering across digital channels and can adapt their own rates to ensure they always fit the market.

In this highly competitive market, it’s all too important for accommodation providers to constantly keep aware of where they sit in the marketplace, and how their strategies and rates compare to OTAs and other properties. This new integration will allow Avvio partners to gather a great deal of insight in one go, which will not only save them time, but will also enable them to constantly ensure they can always gain the highest RevPAR across all their rates.

Robert Holland, Managing Director of HotelPartner, is likewise delighted at the integration: “In my previous role as GM of The Bermondsey Square Hotel, I worked closely with the team at Avvio to maximise our direct bookings and keep our commissions low. There was no question in my mind when I joined HotelPartner earlier this year to develop the brand in the UK that I wanted to align our solution with Avvio’s booking engine. Avvio’s ability to attract and convert direct bookings alongside our optimisation of rate and availability will deliver increased revenues to our partner hotels whilst keeping acquisition costs down. I am delighted that we have now created a two-way interface and very proud to be working together.

More about HotelPartner Yield Manager

HotelPartner Yield Management, founded in 2006, automates pricing and availability for partner hotels in real time to generate the highest possible revenue per room. Armed with full access to OTA specification, HotelPartner provides over 350 property partners worldwide with key data, benchmarks and scoreboards in real-time; while helping to define their unique revenue strategy. In short, HotelPartner offers hotels an automated and integrated yield management experience.

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