Hotels can now have better conversations with their guests

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Hotels can now have better conversations with their guests

Avvio is excited to have collaborated with Webio on the development of their conversational booking bot.

It is built on top of Allora’s booking technology and is now available as a new skill; giving customers another way to interact with a hotel.

Accommodation providers who use Avvio’s next-generation booking engine, Allora, are now able to manage online guest conversations and facilitate bookings using a conversational booking bot through the new integration with Webio.

Longtime Avvio customer Fota Collection are based in Cork. Director of Marketing Seamus Leahy saw the opportunity – “Chat and messaging has become such an integral part of all of our lives”. They now have a booking bot live on The Kingley’s Facebook Messenger and plan to roll out the service across the collection in February.

As more and more people use these conversational interfaces we are looking to adapt and learn what it means for a hotel booking. In the past two years chat and messaging have overtaken the use of social media:

  • Messaging is now bigger than social media1
  • 60 million businesses are now on Facebook and 80% have messaging enabled2
  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have 2.4 billion monthly active users3

This is one of a number of exciting Allora third-party chat options we will be announcing in the coming months as Allora’s skills continue to grow.

Learn more about Allora at For more details on the chatbot skill, view the Webio blog.






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