How will Avvio support hotels to drive value amid the COVID-19 outbreak

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How will Avvio support hotels to drive value amid the COVID-19 outbreak

It goes without saying that Room, Restaurant, Golf and Spa reservations have all been negatively affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. The world over is seeing a significant if not catastrophic downturn in business. As more countries go into lockdown, the whole hospitality sector is in limbo and we need to dig deep to truly support your business.

 We wanted to highlight some important initiatives that will drive value to your hotel in the short term:

  1. Recent UK government plans specific to hospitality and retail means businesses will have access to much-needed funds. Hoteliers should be able to take advantage of government backed loans to set the cashflow haemorrhage as guests are forced to stay away in the current lock down. For further information visit
  1. Avvio’s Guest Retention Voucher – Offering a discounted voucher for use at the hotel for rooms, restaurants golf, spa or activities will drive value in exchange for a discount when things return to normal. When a guest originally committed to booking a room at your hotel before Covid-19 hit, the buying signal meant that they fully intended on visiting your property. This might also indicate that they are inclined to come back as a returning visitor in the future. We suggest you reward guest loyalty with a discounted voucher for redemption at a later date. This immediately drives vital funds into your business while giving great value to your loyal guest base.
  1. Every hotel we have engaged with over the past few weeks is looking to save and control spend with many talking about closing for a limited period of time. As a Google Premier Partner –  specifically for the hotel space – we are prepared to take over your digital marketing until you are ready to either take it on again in-house or to really understand the value in having a trusted partner “keep the lights on” in this tough time whilst easily controlling limited budgets until you are able to support growth. We have developed a digital plan to take the worry and cost away from you and rely on us to manage your online brand presence.
  1. As International guests fall off the preverbal cliff, domestic traffic may remain, but we should expect them to cancel – even if business still shows on the books – whilst the national and international measures remain in place. The good news is that as these rules lax and the virus is contained over time, we expect domestic traffic to pick up first followed by International travel. Asia is following this trend as bookers come out of the peak of the virus and start to plan future domestic trips. Once this occurs, start looking at driving digital demand to domestic guests. 


For more information on any of the above information please visit or email

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