IGTV and Hotels… The perfect pair?

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IGTV and Hotels… The perfect pair?

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve probably noticed their latest feature IGTV. It’s the new orange circle that appears at the top of the app, and stands for ‘Instagram TV’. Essentially it’s a video sharing service which allows you to share full-screen videos from 15 seconds to 60 minutes – until now you were limited to 30 seconds per video.

The new feature opens up an entirely new opportunity for hoteliers (assuming your property already has an Instagram account). Accessing IGTV is simple – in just a couple of steps you’ve uploaded a video, and in three clicks a user can follow channels and find videos that are relevant to them

IGTV is a great opportunity to gain brand exposure and is another way to reach your followers with video content, but it’s also a way to ensure you’re not left behind the competition.

Video marketing is huge, and we know it makes a difference to audience engagement and conversion when used well. The new IGTV feature has 4 tabs that are relevant for hotels: For You; and Popular, which provide greater opportunity to reach a much wider, relevant audience. If your content is good, the channel will simply do the rest for your hotel, and it’s possible for IGTV to showcase your brand over others on a platform where you have already built an audience. It can be tricky to replicate the same interaction and engagement you might have on Twitter or Instagram onto your YouTube channel, so this feature alleviates some of the pain of trying to drive traffic to another platform – keeping them where they are already engaged.

We’ve put together some tips on how to use IGTV it if you’re unsure where to start:

  • Use the feature to give your events a whole new level of exposure by recording what’s happening now, post videos about past events to re-connect with guests and engage with new customers.
  • Show off your facilities: another good opportunity to share what you have on offer at your property, from the welcoming reception area to the most luxurious suites and relaxing spas.
  • Gain more F&B customers: this is especially useful if your property has more than one restaurant, you can make the most of IGTV by publishing content showing off popular dishes, exotic looking specials, and real reviews – the Foodies will love it!
  • Training videos and feedback: you could use the channel to start conversations with your guests and explain things they might be missing when staying at your hotel.
  • Local area & tours: another way to give your IGTV a purpose is to post content around your local area. This allows guests to see what to do, local attractions family plans or where to go shopping.

The best part about IGTV is that it’s free and does not need the cost of sets and professional photography. It is a chance to show users authentic experiences.

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