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The New Year has heralded lots of digital changes already – the pace of which has never been so fast. With Google announcing new updates on everything from AdWords to Analytics, we have put together a summary of the key stories from January. And if you’re considering using Snapchat to reach new audiences, our blog article should help you to understand how it works for your property, and what the options are.


Snapchat for your Hotel

Google Speed

The Google Speed Update: Page speed

Last Minute Bookings

Last Minute Bookings on Mobile

Adwords Review

AdWords Review Extensions Removed


The Technology behind AI in PPC

Facebook Campaigns

Tips to Optimise Facebook Ads


New Ways to Measure in Google Analytics

Speed Tracking

The Google Speed Update: Page speed will become a ranking factor in mobile search

Google has announced they will finally use mobile page speed as a ranking in their mobile search results from July 2018.

Google is calling it the ‘Speed Update’, and it will only impact a small percentage of queries – those pages that deliver the slowest experience to users. Google recommends you use the new updated PageSpeed report and tools like LightHouse to measure page speed and make improvements.

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Up to 80% of Last Minute Bookings are made on Mobile

Criteo’s latest Travel Insights Report reveals the increasing influence of mobile shopping in the travel industry. The majority of mobile traffic and bookings come from travellers looking to get away on a whim, so the convenience of online and apps helps drive this change.

The data emphasises the need for a fast and user friendly mobile experience to help accommodation providers capitalise on the potential bookings. While there is a lot of data around apps which most hotels don’t have, there are some interesting desktop and mobile stats.

The report highlights a few key points:

  1. How tablet usage continues to decline
  2. The share of mobile bookings ranges from 28% to 53% by region (Europe has 25% with North America on 22%).
  3. Mobile accounts for 45% of bookings for OTA’s.


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Last Minute Booking
Adwords Review Extensions Removed

AdWords Review Extensions Have Been Removed

Starting in January, your ads on Google AdWords will no longer be accompanied by third-party reviews. And in February, your ad extensions (and their data) will be wiped from the user interface completely.

However, this won’t be a big loss as it was one of the more difficult extensions to get approval for due to the restrictions and third parties involved.

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The Technology behind AI in PPC

This article outlines how artificial intelligence (AI) will be a key driver of change in PPC in 2018 as it leads to more and better PPC intelligence.

The type of AI that is responsible for a lot of success in PPC today is based on statistics and Machine Learning to categorise things. Quality Score (QS) is a great example; Google looks at historical click behaviour from users and uses machine learning to find correlations that help predict the likelihood of a click or a conversion.

There are also many free tools from AdWords that are getting better every day thanks to advances in AI, like Portfolio Bid Strategies, Custom Intent Audiences and optimised ad rotation. Google uses information about search queries, historical ad performance and other contextual signals combined with Machine Learning, to predict whether or not someone will click on your ad. This predicted click-through rate helps determine the selection, ranking and pricing of your ads–meaning the algorithm is already working to show the right ads to the right customers.

The approach we take at Avvio balances the personal touch of setting up campaigns for clients and closely managing PPC, coupled with advances in the technology, should help us to better target the right people and improve conversion rates over time delivering excellent results.

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Facebook Campaign Tips

7 Tips to Optimise Facebook Ad Campaigns

This article is very detailed with some great suggestions and practical advice on how to get the most from your Facebook campaigns.

The tips include:

  1. Build a sales funnel
  2. Monitor ad frequency to manage exposure
  3. Scale your budget based on ad performance
  4. Narrow delivery to the right audience
  5. Select proper placement for increased reach
  6. Choose the right bidding option
  7. Reuse old ad posts for new campaigns to preserve engagement stats


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New Ways to Measure Your Users in Google Analytics

There are four new Analytics features that are all about helping businesses understand their users so they can deliver more personalised on-site experiences.

  1. Focus on your users in reporting

    Analytics standard reports have been updated to focus on your users. User metrics are an essential way to understand engagement with your customers, especially those who may have multiple sessions across multiple days.

    You can see immediately, for instance, how many users are coming to your site from paid search ― in addition to seeing the number of sessions.

  2. Measure lifetime metrics and dimensions for every user

    Another tool that marketers can use to analyse visitors on an individual level is User Explorer.

    Now Google have added something new: lifetime metrics and dimensions for individual users (based on the lifetime of their cookie). These new metrics and dimensions will give Analytics users a much more detailed way to measure visitors and customers.

  3. Audiences in reporting

    For marketers who live and breathe audiences ― which is most of us ― the breathing just got easier. We've added the option to publish any audience to a new report in Analytics that should help make every audience easier to understand. You can now go to the new Audiences report and see a cross-channel view of the audiences you’ve created in Analytics.

  4. Reach users most likely to convert

    Google Analytics’ newest metric is Conversion Probability. It takes user-based metrics one step further to show you just what the name suggests: the probability that a given user will convert in the future. The calculation is based on a Machine Learning model that learns from users who have made transactions in the past. This report will show you the Conversion Probability for all your users, including across important dimensions such as channel.

    This new feature from Analytics Intelligence is the first forward-looking estimate of how likely a conversion is for individual users.

These four new enhancements will help you better understand your users and what they are doing on your site, so that you can create better experiences for them. If you — like 90% of marketers — are working hard to understand your users' journeys, you'll find these features useful.

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Prepared by Cara Callaghan,
Head of Digital at Avvio

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