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Avvio integration partners

Avvio is pleased to partner with a number of organisations offering seamless integration and a great guest experience. We’re always improving our existing solutions, and willing to provide additional integrations where possible. If your current PMS, channel manager or RMS isn’t listed here, drop us an email at hello@avvio.com and we’ll look into it. Above are a selection of our current partners, we also partner with many others including SiteMinder, Opera, Hotsoft, IDeaS, Portfolio, Rezgain (Rate Gain) and YieldPlanet.

Agilysys Visual One

"Agilysys strategically partners with a wide range of world-class technology companies to deliver complementary technology solutions to the hospitality market. Partnering with Avvio has provided us with the opportunity to further integrate the booking process into the Visual One software for hotels using the sophisticated Convert by Avvio booking engine. Avvio shares Agilysys’ belief of the importance of a great hotel guest experience, and our Visual One solution allows hoteliers to control all of their reservation operations neatly in one system."


"Maestro is the preferred cloud and on-premise PMS hotel management software solution for independent hotels, resorts and multi-property groups. It's 20+ integrated modules and mobile capabilities increase profitability and enable operators to engage guests with a personalised experience. Maestro's Diamond Plus Service provides industry leading support to keep independent properties operational 24/7. Maestro is pleased to partner with Avvio’s Booking Engine, Convert."


“protel is one of the most feature-rich PMS solutions on the market today and has a proven pedigree in independent hotels, groups and serviced apartments. A certified, 2-way interface with Avvio provides parity across all channels for availability, rates and inventory and eliminates the need for manual re-keying of bookings.”


"eRevMax's strong partnership with Avvio offers hoteliers stable connected solutions making day to day distribution tasks simple, efficient and automated. As a leader in hotel online distribution space, eRevMax has invested in building robust infrastructure to provide hoteliers with uninterrupted service over the last 15 years. We offer excellent connectivity with over 300 channels and partners ensuring our clients a seamless distribution experience."


“RateWise provides technology to hotels with particular focus on the area of yield management, driving increased ADR and occupancy while minimising the hands-on time needed by a hotel to manage their rates. RateWise seamlessly pushes rates to Avvio’s booking engine to provide dynamic and instantaneous yielding as bookings arrive and dates approach.”


"When we as an industry speak on the power of integrations, oftentimes the conversation is centred around the automation that can be enabled between a property management system or channel manager and the third-party channels a hotel connects to. The integration between SiteMinder's Channel Manager and Avvio's booking engine showcases the capability of a seamless, wholly-integrated solution that realises the power and importance of direct bookings as part of a broader, diversified hotel distribution strategy, and we are pleased to partner with Avvio in providing this capability to hotels."

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