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Make “Google My Business” Your Business

You may recall our recent report, where we explained Google’s new feature which allows you to add and edit business descriptions for your Google listing directly within Google My Business. Although this feature isn’t available for hotels as of yet, it is available for other areas such as restaurants or spas – therefore, it is essential to keep these details up to date and add business descriptions where available.

To add a business description, simply login to the Google My Business website, go to the ‘Info’ section and scroll down to ‘add business description’.

Oh, and Google, we’d love to see this feature rolled out to hotels soon!

Whilst on the subject of Google My Business, we also mentioned the importance of keeping details up to date and responding to Google Reviews. Not only is this good from a reviews point of view but it has also been confirmed to be key for SEO. Additionally, it is also important to pay particular attention to the Google Knowledge Card Q&A’s and ensure that answers are correct. This is a public forum which can be answered by the public so any questions around location, prices etc. will need to be monitored. Unfortunately, this side doesn’t help with SEO, but answering these questions shows great customer service and can be valuable for potential guests.

Once everything is up to date, measure your success by using the insights section within My Business. This area gives some great insight into areas such as calls per month, visits to your site via My Business and direction requests. All in all, an important tool for any hotel as part of your overall online strategy.

We’d love to explain more of the benefits for you through tools like Google My Business. Speak to a member of Avvio’s E-Commerce team.

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