Meet Dean and Kris – our new software developers!

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Meet Dean and Kris – our new software developers!

We’re pleased to introduce you to two new members of Avvio’s software development team – Dean Maloney and Krzysztof (Kris) Korpys. Based in our Limerick HQ, both Dean and Kris work closely with our existing development team who are responsible for our innovative booking engine technology.

Avvio’s development team take a guest-focused approach: working closely with customers and partners to implement features that directly impact and benefit their day-to-day use of the platform, and to maximise conversion from potential guests on the booking engine.

In order to familiarise new team members with the technologies and conventions used at Avvio, and as part of a broader ‘Agile’ development process, the team use a methodology known as ‘Scrum’ to collaborate on projects. A Scrum’ call or meeting encourages teams to learn through experiences, essentially breaking projects into manageable sprints and allowing team members to reflect on small wins and losses, whilst continuously improving.

Dean (left) works as a Junior Software Developer having recently graduated from the University of Limerick.

Dean tells us: I am currently working as a Junior Software Developer. Our team is responsible for implementing new features throughout the Avvio platform along with making sure that the lights remain on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a Junior and a recent graduate, the onboarding process can be more difficult, but my team have been very accommodating and have assisted me throughout my time here, which has allowed me to contribute to our recent software updates.

One of the main things I’ve learned is if you ever feel stuck on a task and you feel like it’s impossible to make progress, don’t worry, take some time to relax and eventually it will click and you can bounce back into form!Working at Avvio has helped me learn a lot about myself, my work ethic and the things I enjoy working on. There’s a great sense of community throughout the office, and effort is made to maintain morale on a daily basis.

Kris (right) started his adventure with coding about 20 years ago, eventually becoming a full-time developer a few years ago.

Kris tells us: Like Dean mentioned, we are continuously working on developing new features for our customers as well as keeping an eye on our current product ensuring it functions to optimum capacity. I feel very lucky to be in the development team. When I have a problem related to my tasks (or any problem at all) I can always ask my colleagues a question and find a solution. I find the Scrum meetings incredibly helpful – they really ensure we keep on track of everyone’s development.

I’m having fun learning how our software engine works. I’ve learnt a lot in the short space of time I’ve been here and feel that I am already a more experienced software developer than when I started in January. I hope the rest of my journey with Avvio will continue to be this exciting!

Avvio’s Technical Director Martin Grogan says: “New team members are introduced to the Avvio development process through a series of training tasks with an eye on value-add product features as early as possible. All team members (including new hires) are encouraged to bring new ideas in both process and functionality to the team.

It’s wonderful to have such passionate new members of the team on board – ensuring Avvio continues to deliver the highest levels of success to each of our customers.”

If you’re interested in working for a global tech company with excellent development potential please take a look at our latest opportunities.

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