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November Digital News

As November kickstarts the Holiday season, news in the digital marketing world has ramped up. Here are some important updates for November, and some tips for the month ahead.

1) Google Analytics 4

This month Google Analytics launched a new version, aimed at providing more product insights. With use of AI and the ability to follow users from one device to another, this update Analytics gives us even more visibility into our audience. The change the Avvio digital team is most excited for is the new detail on the customer lifecycle; allowing us to closely analyse particular aspects of the customer journey.

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2) New Microsoft Analytics Tool

Microsoft have announced a new, free, analytics tool. Clarity shows you exactly how users are using your site, and helps you to identify new areas of improvement, while staying GDPR compliant. This new tool includes features like Session Playbacks, Heatmaps, and Insights.

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3) How Lead Times Have Changed During Covid-19

One of our key E-Commerce Managers, Tom Shanahan details how lead times have changed during the global pandemic. His insights are invaluable for customising marketing strategies and budgets for Q4. For example, based on the findings of the market, and your own property, you may consider last minute offers to boost late availability or capitalise on smaller groups of family and friends going away together.

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4) So You’re in Lockdown – What Next?

With more countries across Europe implementing second lockdowns to reduce the impact of a second wave of COVID-19, one of our Digital experts,  Valerie Boomsma,  breaks down the 5 do’s and don’ts to focus on during your time in lockdown.

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5) Black Friday Marketing

With Black Friday becoming increasingly global, and more online shoppers than ever before, our digital team takes you through how you can get involved. Follow the check-list our digital team have compiled for seasonal success.

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For more information on any of the information above, please get in touch with Avvio’s digital marketing team. 

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