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October Digital News

As Summer fades and Autumn kicks in, there is no slow down in the digital marketing world with changes happening all the time. Here are some important updates to bear in mind this October:

1) Brand Awareness Strategy

This month we explore the various ways to drive more brand awareness, the challenges and opportunities that are out there. In these uncertain times we discuss cost effective ways of getting your brand out there without breaking the bank. 

> Discover more here. 


2) Google Audience Update

Last year Google mentioned that they had plans in the works on merging custom “affinity and custom intent audiences.” Custom audiences are now an option on Google Ads across Display, YouTube and Discovery campaigns and offer more flexibility and specificity targeting

> Find out more about this new feature & why it is important


3) Google Trends Data on Avvio.com

We know people are always looking for up to date information on what is happening in the world of digital marketing for hotels. We are delighted to invite you to view our “real time data from Google Trends.” 

>> Check out the up to date trends here 


4) Dynamic Search Ads on Microsoft

Already live on our Google accounts, Dynamic Search Ads automatically target relevant searches based on website content. Microsoft is launching these ads which identifies a potential customer’s intent and dynamically creates an ad pointing to the right page on a website. 

>> Learn More Here


5) Bing URL Inspection Tool

Bing have launched their version of the URL inspection Tool which is very useful to all SEO specialists out there. This tool provides information about crawling issues, indexing status, SEO errors and structured mark-up data which is vital data to have when making SEO strategies. Read more about it here

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