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October Digital News

There are distinct murmurings of ‘I can’t believe it’s October!’ around the Avvio offices this morning. As we reach the 10th calendar month let’s take a look at this month’s digital round-up!

Black Friday Marketing

Black Friday is a hugely important date in the shopping calendar. To help you get prepared for this November 29th event, we’ve put together a marketing strategy with 10 simple steps.

Black Friday Marketing in 10 Steps >>>

Advertising on Spotify

With over 217 million monthly active users, Spotify can lay claim to 36% of the global streaming market. So how does this apply to hotels? Spotify’s ‘Ad Studio’ allows you to create amazing audio ads for your Hotel with a wide range of targeting options. This guide will help you get started.

How to Advertise on Spotify >>>

Google Tests “In This Video” Search Feature

Video is increasingly apparent in Google search results. In order to help users find the right content, they are testing out a new “In This Video” feature which will show you sub-sections of the video in a timeline format, allowing you to click to jump ahead to that specific portion of the video.

See What it Looks like >>>

New Yelp Features Introduced

Yelp Connect is designed to help restaurants on Yelp communicate menu updates, specials, events and offers with diners who’ve “previously expressed interest in their business via Yelp.” Yelp Waitlist upgrades are intended to help restaurants manage customer flow.

Find Out More About These Features  >>>

Search Used When Brand is Unknown

When a potential customer doesn’t know your brand, they will rely on third party websites for information. Having misleading information on these sites can be a big influencing factor for potential guests. This article discusses the impact that fake news can have on your brand and how to avoid it.

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Three New Facebook Features 

Facebook is about to get a whole lot more engaging with the introduction of three new types of interactive ads for mobile. These features are Video Poll Ads, Augmented Reality Ads (AR) and Playable Ads

See How the Features Work  >>>

If you’d like further information on any of the changes mentioned above or if you’d like help with your hotel’s digital strategy please contact a member of the team.

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