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How do I download the Google Authenticator App to my Smart Phone?

If you have decided you will be using a Smart Phone to decrypt credit card information for Reservations then you will need to download an authenticator app to your phone.

Please follow these steps exactly:

Note: You must have an internet connected smartphone available to download the correct authenticator App

Step 1 – Download Google Authenticator App.

On your smartphone, please go into the Apple “App Store” (if you have an iPhone) or “Google Play Store” if you have an Android phone.


(Do not click the images above on a PC, you must use your phone.)

1.1 – In the App Store, please type in “Google Authenticator” and search for that App.

1.2 – Click the “Get” (iPhone) or “Install” (Android) button to download the App.

Note: You may need to update Google Services before the App will download on Android. Please wait while Google Updates and then follow below.

1.3 – Once the App is installed, please open the Google Authenticator App on your phone.

1.4 – Click the “Begin Setup” (iPhone) or “Begin” (Android) link.

Step 2 – Configure Authenticator App with Avvio

From November 28th, when an authorised PCI user logs in for the first time, they will be presented with the authentication setup screen. You must be able to see that screen to proceed with this step.

2.1 On the authenticator app on your phone, click the “Scan a Barcode” option.

Note: If a popup message requests access to your Camera, please allow this. This is for QR code scanning purposes

2.2 Point your phone’s camera at the authentication screen on the Avvio system and fit the green box around the QR code showing in Step 2 to scan it to the authenticator app.

Once scanned, a random 6 digit code will appear every 30 secs on the Authentication App on your phone. E.g.

Step 3 – Verify Authenticator App Setup

3.1 Please enter the 6 digit code from your phone into the box and click “Verify Code”

3.2 Click “Add Account” on your phone [Android only]

That’s it. You now have access to retrieve credit card information from Reservations.

How do I retrieve card details on reservations via the Google Authenticator app?

1. On your PC, open the Reservation Details page on the Avvio system for the transaction you wish to decrypt credit card details for.

2. On your smartphone, open the Google Authenticator App.

3. Enter the current 6 digit code showing on your phone into the authenticator box in the Card Details section of the reservation and click the “Verify code and decrypt card” button.

4. Enter the security code that appears (highlighted in yellow) on the PC in the box provided and click “Send”.

5. You should now see the credit card info for the relevant reservation.