Key Strategies to Reduce Booking Engine Abandonment (Part 2)

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Key Strategies to Reduce Booking Engine Abandonment (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our ‘Key Strategies to Reduce Booking Engine Abandonment’ article. If you haven’t read part one you can find it here.

4. Personalising your Booking Engine

Avvio’s unique Smart Rate Matching functionality allows you present the most relevant rate to the right customer, at the right time. Smart Rate Matching presents rates to a potential guest based on pages browsed on your site, for example, presenting spa packages to customers who have previously viewed your spa page. It also displays rates based on searches for length of stay, best price and availability, among other criteria. Clients find this an invaluable and labour saving tool in managing groups, wedding accommodation and corporate areas of their business.

5. Video

While we know that a picture paints a thousand words – video can really give customers a real insight into your rooms, and what they are purchasing. The Avvio booking engine allows you to upload short videos which can showcase your rooms to customers at the booking stage. This is a feature that has increased conversion rates on particular room types and we’ve found works very well, especially in resort properties.

6. Dynamic Room Substitution

Dynamic Room Substitution allows you sell more rooms during busier times and lower availability. Essentially it is a tool that allows Avvio clients to create a series of rules on the booking engine that allows sold out room types to be substituted by other available room types at certain time periods to allow longer length of stay bookings. For example – a property may be willing to accommodate a search for a 5 night stay for Family room in a Superior Family room if the family room in not available. Once clients use this innovative feature they never look back! On average it can account for a noteworthy 16% of booking engine revenue for properties using the feature.

7. Private Labelling

The main benefit of private labelling is a further reassurance for potential customers of the legitimacy of your website’s booking process throughout every stage of their booking path.

The feature means that you no longer need to redirect your customers to an URL when they go into the booking engine pages on your website. Instead, you can re-write the URL for these pages on your website so that they display to shoppers as a hotel-branded URL. For example, you may opt to change your booking engine page URLs from to to provide a seamless booking path.

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