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We need to talk about Cancellations

We need to talk about Cancellations

Cancellations are a growing threat to hotel profitability. As they rise year-over-year, forecasting and pricing decisions will continue to be undermined. This will magnify inefficiencies, increase costs and erode margins across businesses.

Until now hoteliers have not had the means to accurately assess cancellation risk and proactively mitigate booking cancellations. It’s time to embrace tools that not only make this a reality but drill right down to guest level for richer insight.

Read our whitepaper and learn how to affect better outcomes using allora.ai.

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Digital Strategy Guide

Beyond Book Direct

“Book Direct” remains prominent across marketing campaigns, websites, and booking engines, these two words became the slogan for hotel e-commerce.

Yet guests never need to think about distribution channels. Its time to evolve the guest journey online and evolve personalization to nurture guests to book on your hotel website, rather than other expensive channels without them needing to question why.


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Digital Strategy Guide

Digital Strategy Secrets

By selecting the right tactics, you’ll amplify your brand message, and reduce your cost of sale. An effective digital marketing strategy will result in the cost of sale from your brand website typically between 6-10%. This of course depends on location & star rating; with 5-star properties having the lowest cost of sale. Though of course, reducing operating costs by continuously testing tactics is always the goal. Compared to OTA commissions, this is a huge cost saving for hotels.

To help you optimise your net REVPAR across all of your online revenue sources, Avvio is sharing our formula for online success.

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Digital Strategy Guide

Our Christmas gift to you

How can hotels capitalise on this in the lead up to Christmas whilst driving revenue and optimising their website? From gift vouchers to Christmas deals, visitors come to your website because they want ideas on what to buy for their loved ones. Take the time to showcase all that your property has to offer. Keep them on-site by getting that sense of personalisation just right.

Our gift to you this Christmas is this downloadable e-book, where we share our insider tips to get you prepared for 2020 – whether you’re a GM, head of revenue or Marketing – there’s something to takeaway, for everyone.

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Think like a guest eBook

Think Like A Guest

Today’s hoteliers wear many hats – tasked with running a successful business whilst assumed to be a modern-day clairvoyant.

Changes to the digital environment mean you have to anticipate the potential wants and needs of your guests whilst consistently providing a fantastic guest experience – all before they have even stepped foot in your hotel lobby.

We’ve put together an eBook with practical suggestions for improving brand awareness, guest satisfaction and loyalty.

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The Connected Hotelier

The Connected Hotelier

With so much technology available how do you determine what’s right for your hotel? Too much technology actually has the danger of making your Revenue Managers’ and General Managers’ lives more difficult.

Regardless of the platforms you choose to integrate into your hotel website, it’s paramount that you embrace technology which facilitates a personalised, engaging guest experience. Make sure you take customer intent into consideration.

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6 Principles of Personalisation for Hotel Websites poster

6 Principles of Personalisation for Hotel Websites

When you enter a hotel website for a weekend break, a family trip or a business meeting, chances are the contents will be exactly the same. In fact, one could argue that a downloadable PDF might be almost the same experience.

Our initial goal was to prove that a hotel website could (and should) be much more than a mere digital copy of a brochure. We felt that hotel websites needed to move out of the passive brochure model into something much more personalised, that could make a much better use of all the technologies available.

And, over the years, we have learned a lot. Today, Avvio’s booking engine technology and web design are among the most advanced personalisation platforms available in the hotel industry.

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Power of Personal

The Power of Personal

The new opportunity for hotels and serviced apartments

With guest data increasingly easy to access, hoteliers are expected to leverage this information to provide a more personalised experience than ever before. In this report, the direct booking experts at Avvio bring together case studies, cutting-edge research and expert insights into how any accommodation provider can unlock the power of personal.

‘The Power of Personal’ is available now. Download the report below.

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