Sizzling Records for Coastal Properties as Ireland Heats up

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Sizzling Records for Coastal Properties as Ireland Heats up

Things have really been heating up for Irish hoteliers as temperatures soar above 30°C. Not only did this heatwave have a profitable effect on ice cream vendors as more people headed to the coast but the weather has been particularly advantageous for Irish hotels in coastal areas.

We took a look at impact of the heatwave on coastal properties on the island of Ireland (including 14 coastal properties in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland).

In June, bookings with a lead time of:

  • 0-7 days in the Irish market were up by 24% year-on-year (YoY)
  • 7-14 days were up by 13% YoY
  • 15-21 days was up by 19% YoY

Sunday check-ins are the big winners within the three week lead times; showing a growth of 50% vs 2017 for these seaside properties – indicating people are taking last minute holidays in work to enjoy some of the good weather and snapping up ‘Sunday Saver’ deals.

The domestic market is more focused on short term lead times with 41.4% of all revenue booked in June, was for a June check-in.

Tomas Lynn, Sales and Marketing Manager at the Diamond Coast Hotel has been delighted by the hot spell, as families flock to the beach.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in demand as a result of the good weather, for us when the sun comes out the website gets busier and the bookings are much higher. This summer, we’re finding that those on a staycation are leaving the jackets behind and showing off their swimwear. Who doesn’t like a couple of days beside the beach?!”

The heatwave is also benefiting Avvio customers in the UK and mainland Europe, and whilst the weather is forecasted to remain warm all summer, now is the time to put weather-related messaging out across your website and digital channels to generate bookings with short lead times, and push remarketing/awareness around social channels to beat the good weather drum. Get in touch with our revenue experts if you’d like to learn more.

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