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The Connected Hotelier

For the modern-day hotelier, understanding the user journey, and being able to effectively engage and retain site visitors can be an arduous task.

With so much technology available how do you determine what’s right for your hotel? Too much technology actually has the danger of making your Revenue Managers’ and General Managers’ lives more difficult.

Regardless of the platforms you choose to integrate into your hotel website, it’s paramount that you embrace technology which facilitates a personalised, engaging guest experience. Make sure you take customer intent into consideration. A first-time visitor is fundamentally in their exploration phase; a second or third-time visitor has intent. Whether that means geo-targeting your website content or retargeting room rates on social media, make sure your technology is smart enough to accommodate your guest’s needs.

The purpose of ‘The Connected Hotelier’ paper is not to offer advice or guidance on the above, but rather to raise your understanding of:

  • What technology is out there;
  • What technology can do for your hotel;
  • Effective measurement of performance when analysing reporting statistics for your online health;
  • How technology can assist your hotel in the short, medium and long-term;
  • Financially where should your tech and software be deployed.

Take a look at our latest whitepaper: ‘The Connected Hotelier’ to get a better insight into the behaviours and actions modern hoteliers should be implementing.

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