TikTok advertising is not the new trend of travel

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TikTok advertising is not the new trend of travel

On June 25th, TikTok followed in Instagram & Snapchat’s footsteps, by monetizing their platform with an advertising centre. While advertising had already crept onto the platform in the form of sponsored content; TikTok for Business, is now available with multiple ad formats.

Before jumping on this latest social media trend; ask yourself, is TikTok the right platform to amplify your brand message? For most hotel brands, the answer will be a firm no. 

TikTok is largely recognized as a Gen Z app; and the user stats back this up.

69% of the user base is under 24, with 27% recording their age as 13-17. As such, any marketing of hotel rooms needs to be done carefully; given the large amount of children using the app.

While there is a dedicated #over30 movement on the app; it remains full of choreographed dances, life hacks and experiential moments. 

Unless your property promotes an aspirational experience, it’s unlikely to go viral.

After all, user experiences, rather than company promotions, are at the heart of the platform’s popularity. Search #hotel on TikTok, and you won’t see any brands in the top results. The growing success of the platform is rooted in people wanting insight into other people’s lives; rather than another way to connect with travel companies. 5-star resort properties are the only ones who will flourish in this environment; as TikTok users celebrate insights into luxurious experiences.

To add to this, hotel only content is unlikely to provide enough traction for advertising; if you search #travel on TikTok, the first results are experiences, rather than properties.

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While there are of course exceptions to every rule; for now we recommend most properties remain focused on Instagram & Facebook advertising. The advertising platforms are more developed, offer refined targeting options, and have a strong ROI of 16 to 1 for Avvio properties, year to date.Though TikTok isn’t an ideal fit for hotels’ advertising spend at this time; the power of influencers on this platform is not to be ignored. Like all social media platforms, user generated and shared content remains a powerful brand promotion tool. Make the most of those already engaging with your brand, by encouraging shares across social media at key points of the user journey; such as at check-in or check-out.

For more information on brand awareness campaigns for hotels, get in touch with our digital team at digital@avvio.com.

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