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The g Hotel wanted to modernise their website and its functionality across all platforms. The key areas they wanted to focus on were Weddings, Rooms, Spa and Afternoon tea.

Wanting a new website to WOW visitors and give them the desire to book. It should also interest them and educate them on the brand and encourage them to making a booking.

The g Hotel Examples

Website Requirements

The main focus of the website is to drive customer bookings for bedrooms and also help drive revenue through restaurant and meeting bookings.

The website will set the tone and create the first and everlasting impression, it is at talking point with our eyes and love imagery, simple classic understated, less text.

The g Hotel Device example

Avvio Delivered

Website key markets

  • Our current site is quite dark and potentially off putting to customers. We want to keep the new website reflective of the brand and have an edgy modern feel and to tone down colour and lighten the website.
  • It needs to be more image/video lead via the background.
  • The header needs to be clearer and primary navigation condensed.
  • We want the photography to be really showcased on the homepage and for the website to have a different design and functionality to really show what a modern hotel it is.
The g Hotel Website layout

Our Work

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