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For Grand Central, they want to WOW and bring to life their online brand presence. It is really important to make the site easy to make amends and changes to; as well as look stylish on a mobile device.

It should be simple and easy to navigate and very visual.

Grand Central Examples

Website Requirements

The main focus of the website is to drive customer bookings for bedrooms and also help drive revenue through restaurant and meeting bookings.

The website will set the tone and create the first and everlasting impression, it is at talking point with our eyes and love imagery, simple classic understated, less text.

Grand Central Device example

Website key markets

  • It should be simple and easy to navigate and very visual.
  • Visitors should want to book as they will get not only a superior product but an experience and high level of customer service.
  • History is a key focus with the Hastings Hotels name and reputation. The strong local ties and strong use of storytelling to bring to life the heritage and history of the hotel and linen quarter.
  • Book bedrooms in a quick and easy way. Find out key hotel information and be able to make restaurant bookings or retrieve restaurant information. Find offers, seasonal / promotional as easily as possible…. don’t hide…
  • Clarity, simple clear, images. Easy to navigate and no requirement to look for alternative rates on alternatives sites GUARANTEE Best rate.
  • Elegant exposure to the market place, drive their desire to visit , with photography , wording , and tempting notions of affordable.
  • Elegance never forget, beautifully simple and simply beautiful.
GC Website layout

Our Work

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