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The team at The Grand Central in Belfast wanted to bring their brand to life online. It was really important to make the site easy to edit as well as look stylish on a mobile device.

It should be simple and easy to navigate and very visual.

Grand Central Examples

Website Requirements

The commercial priority for the website is to drive customer bookings for bedrooms and drive ancillary revenue through restaurant and meeting bookings.

The website should set the tone and create the first and everlasting impression – it is our digital front door. It should have amazing imagery and the style should be classic and  understated.

Grand Central Device example
GC Website layout

Other projects

You can also see examples of two other projects – Adare Manor in Limerick, The G Hotel in Galway and the Culloden Estate and Spa in Belfast.

Culloden Estate and Spa
Culloden Estate and Spa
Adrae Manor
Adare Manor
The g Hotel
The g Hotel