Why are we so chuffed about the People’s Choice Award?

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Why are we so chuffed about the People’s Choice Award?

We were delighted to have scooped a number of awards in this year’s Hotel Tech Awards. (You can see the full list in our blog here). But one stood out for us: for the first time, we came in the Top 10 (number 8, in fact) of the People’ Choice awards.

Each year, the Hotel Tech Report recognizes the Top 10 most customer-centric global companies with the People’s Choice Award. It’s based on real customer data and is used to select best of breed products and companies, who have balanced strong growth with a relentless focus on customer-centricity. It’s awarded to businesses that have helped hoteliers grow their bottom lines.

The key factors used to determine the shortlist for the annual People’s Choice Award include total verified customer reviews, geographic reach of reviews, and overall review sentiment and ratings. It recognizes companies whose customers really value the relationship and partnership. 

So, we’re pretty happy.

And even better – our customers are happy! 

During what’s been an exceptionally tough year for the hospitality industry, we’re proud that we’ve grown our own business and helped customers to grow theirs. 

Through our support on website design, digital marketing, ad tech, and of course, Allora.ai, our AI-based booking engine, we’ve helped hoteliers win more of the available direct business, convert more of it and upsell along the way. 

“Twenty years ago, we lived in a world where hoteliers just used one of the three or four technology systems out there and typically just ended up using whatever system they had heard of before.  Today there are thousands of SaaS choices in the market and dozens of great options available for most use cases, but the market is moving so quickly that it’s hard for hoteliers to identify and keep track of the best products and companies.  This award honours the companies whose hotel customers are the most vocal advocates of their products to make that process easy,” says Hotel Tech Report CEO Jordan Hollander.

At Avvio, we always put our customers’ needs front and center of our business and we’re committed to helping you bounce back from the pandemic.

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